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The great majority of musical instruments fall readily into one of six major categories: bowed strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, and the guitar family, the first four of which form the basis of the modern symphony orchestra. Keyboard Instruments conveniently collected together as an instrument which is operated by means of a standard keyboard, the differences in operation are wide-ranging. A percussion instrument is probably best defined as one where a resonating surface is struck by the player, either by hand or by some form of a stick. Brass instruments are also activated by blowing into them, Examples are trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba. Discover a wide array of musical accessories online on

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Woodwind instruments comprise of flutes, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. The four principle woodwind instruments of the orchestra all work by means of a system of keys (usually silver-plated) which when variously depressed and released allow air to pass through differing lengths of the instrument resulting in notes of different pitch. On you can never go wrong as we have got you covered with a wide selection of musical accessories online such as drumsticks, acoustic guitar strings, tambourines, speaker stands, standard drum pedal, guitar bag and more at affordable prices. Hurry now and order for your musical accessories online and enjoy prompt doorstep delivery.