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Popcorn maker is very important in the house as it will save you at any time of the day, you can use it to prepare a delicious popcorn for your family inside the house. And it can save you when you have friends and visitors. We have healthy hot air popper, no oil, oven, microwave involved designed for all regular and premium brands of popcorn kernel. Your kids can have fun popping popcorn and add their own flavor when the pop corns comes out.

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You only need an electrical outlet, a cup of kernel and flavoring which is to be added after popping the corn. Nonstick popcorn poppers are easy to use. They can be used on campfire or gas or stove. Has a sliding lid which makes it easy to open. The handle can be stored in the popper when not in used. Just put little oil, sugar and corn, and its ready to pop. With popcorn makers, every movie is made entertaining. All you have to do is put in your fresh corn into it and with its hot air circulation; your popcorn is ready within a few minutes. Get your numerous types of popcorn poppers on Konga by a click.