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Turntables are still the preferred way of mixing tracks for a lot of DJs and the proof is in sales statistics. However, that doesn’t mean that change hasn’t come. In fact, DJ controllers have become all the rage now, and many like them for their digital versatility rather than the old school method of scratching physical records on a turntable. DJ turntables have been used for decades, and for many older DJs, there is simply no other way to mix music. With that said, turntables are not that easy to use, especially if you’re new to them. A turntable is considered to be a show of one’s skill level as well. It takes a lot of practice to even master the pitch and tempo control when using vinyl, let alone perform a whole set problem-free. The three types of turntables are the Direct drive, Belt drive, and Idler drive. Turntables offer a vastly superior way of playing music. It is recorded in analogue and played back in analogue. Find original turntables online on Konga at the best prices you can't find anywhere else.

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