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Beard Shampoo/conditioner And Face Moisturizer Oil Complete 3 In 1

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Beard Oil - 30ml

Blended from the finest natural ingredients a conditioning oil that is absorbed quickly to condition beard hair and skin. Accompanied with a subtle masculine fragrance.


Shampoo - 300ml
Created for anybody sporting anything from 5 O'Clock shadow to a complete on manly beard. Facial hair can feel dry and look dull and it can also trap odours. So washing with a proper shampoo will assist keep you looking better than ever. Made with an unique mixture of skin & hair conditioners combined with anti-bacterial homes of tea tree oil will not only assist guarantee your beard is clean, soft and workable, but will assist avoid irritation and is relaxing yo the skin. Suitable for all hair types, even sensitive ones.


Conditioner& Face Moisturiser - 300ml
This grooming cream is fantastic for any type of facial hair, from bristle to newfound beards to complete on hipster beards. It contains menthol to assist minimize itch and irritation in those early bristle stages 7 a distinct mix of basics oils of avocado, argan & jojoba oil - all recognised for their moisturising homes. Mild sufficient for day-to-day use to assist take care of the skin at the base of the beard, whilst helping to soften your beard.

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